It was great fun working with Zorba Sound. The team has a great professional approach, which makes working an experience. If it's a show in Gujarat, the only company that comes to mind is ZORBA.
Nitin Joshi, FOH Engineer
You guys are very simply awesome. The Line - Array rig sounded real good and you did an excellent job!
Brian Griffin, FOH Engineer, LAMB OF GOD (USA)
The sound system put up ZORBA Sound was excellent. I didn't have to EQ the system like how I usually do at other gigs, since it was already well aligned & EQ'd. ZORBA's crew is very supportive and it was a pleasure working with them. Hope to work with you all on my next visit to India.
Hugo Alverstein, FOH Engineer - SAHG (Norway)
While working with ZORBA team I felt as if we have been working together since a long time. The on-stage setup by experts for the rock show was tremendous. We didn't have to do it our selves, unlike at other events.
Dhruv, Band Manager - Indian Ocean
Sounds like pure magic ! Awesome sound & light setup.
Shobha Mudgal, Artist
You cant beat ZORBA when it comes to time management. Mind-boggling sound & light solu tions, that too always on time.
Chirag Shroff, Event Manager - GreenEye Events

Our Clients

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