Audio Solutions

Some of our clients say, that there are only two types of feelings after hearing an audio system, either its the excellent "Zorba sound" or "pathetic sound" !

We use only high quality, international grade analyzing, EQ , balancing ,monitoring ,live-recording systems , mics and stage-gears for all our setups.

Our first core product , and highly acclaimed for delighting customers, a must-have for any successful event. Our audio solutions are highly dynamic , with the implementation of the latest technology and the synergistic team of our audio technicians. Whether it be just a 2way speaker or our Line-Array setup, the WOW factor is promised. The feel of the sound itself differentiates Zorba's Audio from others. We offer the following audio-solutions :

2way / 3way / 4way stack sound :

You name it, and we have it ! Ranging from JBL! to Bose.. we have all the leading sound manufacturer's equipments in store for your need.

Plus, a strong recommendation to use our specially designed and custom built Zorba brand speakers, which use the best components from all companies and excellent acoustic designing with aesthetic looks, a hot-favourite among existing clients !

A gathering of 50 people to a gathering of 1000 people, our stack sound will do the magic ! If the gathering size is more, opt for our Line Array !

Line Array / Flying Sound :

An event of more than 1000 people ? Want the same mesmerising sound in the first row , as well as the last row ?

"Tantra" , our 4way Line-Array/ Flying Sound system is the only option for a successful event !! It truly performs magic !

"Tantra" is a True Line-Source array system unlike other available systems, with horn-loaded , rig-able/flyable sub-basses, the only such system in Gujarat.

With our special Line Array technology, we have gained tremendous success, fame and an extremely loyal and growing clientele. We are also known as "The specialists for managing huge (5000+ people) events" by the big corporate sector, celebrity artists and event companies, for over half-a-decade now.

Conference Systems :

Conferences ! One of the most important and critical event for any organization , but mismanaged audio in most !

No more whistles,cracky or mismanaged audio in conferences when Zorba is there !

With many of our clients being corporates, we have various different assortments for different conference needs.

Our Clients

Our client partnerships are the most valued, vital aspects of what we do and who we are. Without our clients, our work would have no meaning. We aim to go above and beyond to exceed our clients' expectations. We are only successful when our clients are satisfied with our work.